Author: Lexi

  • Update 2/6/2023-2/11/2023

    Update 2/6/2023-2/11/2023

    2/6/2023 Today we are finishing putting logos from company’s that have donated from us onto the team shirt. We are also finishing up parts to put on the arm of the robot. 2/7/2023 Today we were given Pasta Rama tickets to sell. each ticket is 10$ for an entrance to the auction and a choice […]

  • Donation QR code

    Donation QR code

    Donations If you would like to donate to us, we have a Intech Megabots GoFundMe set up. this QR code is a link direct link to are GoFundMe.

  • Update 1/23/2023 – 1/28/2023

    Update  1/23/2023 – 1/28/2023

    1/23/2023 Today we mostly worked on fundraising and told others to make reviews on Young Honda. we need money if we want to take everyone on the competition that is in about a month so please fundraise! 1/24/2023 today we went down the business contact sheet and asked people on how things are going with […]