Author: Sira

  • 2/13/2023 – 2/18/2023

    2/13/2023 – 2/18/2023

    2/13/2023 While the rest of the robotics members either came to tutorial day, stayed home, or went to ski day, Emily and Isadora were working really hard on the robot. 2/14/2023 Today, the robotics members were reminded of tickets. Please, sell your Tickets! 2/15/2023 Today, Robotics members where working on the cable management. There were […]

  • update: 1/30/2023 – 2/4/2023

    update: 1/30/2023 – 2/4/2023

    1/30/2023 We got delivered the purple mattresses! today everyone worked hard fundraising, Mr. Ashcroft was working very hard on getting calls from companies that would like to donate to our club. 1/31/2023 We have a QR code for the GoFundMe! Please donate if possible. If possible, please reach out to your friends. Tomorrow we will […]

  • Update: 1/16/2023 – 1/21/2023

    Update: 1/16/2023 – 1/21/2023

    Hello Megabots! Monday 1/16/2023 Today we had part of the team working on the platform made for testing, while other people were making 3D models in CAD. Some where even starting to work on the robot arm. Tuesday 1/17/2023 Today we had students refining parts of the machines. Some students were even working on fundraising! […]