Our team relies almost entirely on fundraising and donations by companies and individuals in order to make it to the FIRST Competition every year.

Our Team’s Yearly Costs

  • FIRST Competition Registration Fee: $6000
  • Competition Hotel Booking: $2000
  • Robot: $2000-$4000
  • Tools and Machining: $1000
  • Competition Food: $800
  • Competition Transportation: $600
  • Team T-Shirts: $500
  • Buttons: $200

Why Donate?

Donating to us allows you to help support a local robotics team and give children opportunities to learn more about robotics and compete. Donating enough also allows your company to get more publicity by getting logos on various materials (t-shirts, banners, robot, etc.), which are seen by thousands of people at the FIRST competition.

Also, all donations to our robotics team are tax-deductible.

(501(c)(3) Approved Charitable Organization)


Our robotics team has a GoFundMe. Donations can be made either through the GoFundMe or through Mr. Ashcroft or team members.

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-> For more information and donations, please contact Landon Ashcroft by our e-mail: