Update: 1/16/2023 – 1/21/2023

Hello Megabots!

Monday 1/16/2023

Today we had part of the team working on the platform made for testing, while other people were making 3D models in CAD. Some where even starting to work on the robot arm.

Tuesday 1/17/2023

Today we had students refining parts of the machines. Some students were even working on fundraising!


Today everyone worked on mostly fundraising, Ashcroft announced the money we have left from last year and what we spend. from what He we need more money. We have official but up a GoFundMe today, please donate if you can. Click here!

Saturday, 1/21/2023

Today we are working on the claw. We’re drilling holes and creating parts the to put the claw together. Fundraising is something that we need to work on so robotics members, remember to take time to ask businesses for donations. The GoFundMe is doing well and we have already made $1,000!

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