Update 1/23/2023 – 1/28/2023


Today we mostly worked on fundraising and told others to make reviews on Young Honda. we need money if we want to take everyone on the competition that is in about a month so please fundraise!


today we went down the business contact sheet and asked people on how things are going with the business that were contacted. we asked them to fallow up if they have not received a confirmation on if they will donate or not. tell others about the GoFundMe for the Intech robotics team and post on social media about it.


Robot building has begun! We have machined our first few parts, and worked on filing them down today to make sure that they aren’t as sharp.

this is the caption: Mr. Ashcroft showing Devin Ball (Left) and Wesley Crump (Right) how to correctly file down metal parts.


The Vex members are working on their robot. they have tested it and working to improve the robot.

the First Robotics team is ordering the purple mattress that we will put on the robot and we also have cut metal bars for the robot.


the first robotics team is working on drilling holes in parts for the robot. Other members are taking apart are old robot from a previous year. we have some people out fundraising for the team.

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