update: 1/30/2023 – 2/4/2023


We got delivered the purple mattresses! today everyone worked hard fundraising, Mr. Ashcroft was working very hard on getting calls from companies that would like to donate to our club.


We have a QR code for the GoFundMe! Please donate if possible. If possible, please reach out to your friends. Tomorrow we will have a parent-teacher meeting between robotics parents and Mr. Ashcroft.


yesterday, the team members had to drill holes in a bar that went along with the truss. they had the screw the truss down with the bar. As a reminder, there will also be a parent teacher meeting today! We will be ending the meeting early today because of that.


Nothing happened today, Ashcroft talked to some of out sponsors. Most of the robotics team went home early because nothing was happening. As a reminder, Ashcroft has emailed everyone the meeting’s video and list of necessities for the competition.


Today, we worked on the claw, it is almost completed. I believe we need more adjustments. We spend the day working on the robot. We also placed the trusses on the robot. Some where even searching parts. Some of our team members where designing the T-Shirts we’ll be wearing at the competition.

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