Update 2/6/2023-2/11/2023


Today we are finishing putting logos from company’s that have donated from us onto the team shirt. We are also finishing up parts to put on the arm of the robot.


Today we were given Pasta Rama tickets to sell. each ticket is 10$ for an entrance to the auction and a choice between Marinara, Alfredo or Vegetarian pasta. Remember to have them keep the top half and bring it to the event sight. take the bottom half to Ashcroft so we know how much of each pasta to get.


We finished we drilled and threaded holes to make the arm be in frame before the match starts. after the match starts the part we made will make it so that the robot can move the way we want it to.


Today we stared to figure out the wiring of the robot. we also started to install chains onto the robot.


Today we cut out aluminum pieces that will be put on the robot. this will be used to have the arm of the robot stay inside of the robots frame before that match starts then stay out for the rest of the match.

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